Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Announcing my new column in the Washoku.Guide!

I have some great news here today!
Cookpad, the most popular recipe website in Japan, has just launched their new Global website "Washoku.Guide".  This site will introduce Japanese food and culture around the world. I am contributing weekly articles to the Washoku.Guide: Yoshiko SullivanIsn’t this exciting! 

First, I will explain what is "Washoku".  Washoku is traditional Japanese cuisine. Washoku has been recognized around the world and in December of 2013, it was granted the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage designation. 
(From Washoku.Guide. More detail :
Whatis Washoku)

Wa means Japanese, and Shoku means food, so it is fitting that I am introducing Japanese cuisine (mostly family style) in my weekly Washoku Guide articles. I have been living in the USA for 16 years and raising my family here, with my American husband, so I have a nice blend of  American and Japanese culture. My mother-in-law is from England so our family get togethers usually have an International feel. My husband enjoys my Japanese culture and he also loves Japanese food so we often eat the same menu as a typical Japanese family. Of course I also love food from around world and always enjoy trying new recipes so not every meal is Japanese, but I am proud of my food culture and I love to show this great culture to my family and friends

When living in a foreign county, getting my hands on every ingredients required for Japanese cooking can be a challenge. I am thankful that I have some great local Japanese and Asian markets where I can get the critical items. When possible I also try to utilize and adapt to the local ingredients.  Along with the Japanese family dishes I also have a collection of favorite American, English, and Irish dishes which gives me a good insight to the key points I need to highlight to my readers who are ready to experience some wonderful Japanese recipesIn the Washoku Guide articles and in my blogs, I am planning to introduce Japanese recipes and some helpful information about the ingredients.  I will also add some cultural tips and background so you can experience the Japanese dish the same way I do at home. I hope you will enjoy my articles and that you will learn a bit more about Japanese cuisine and culture.  

 Home style sushi: called Temaki sushi. Easy and fun!

One of my Japanese style Fried chicken, Tatsutaage. 

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