Monday, July 7, 2014

Cooking Japanese food with Yoshiko Sullivan!

I will be having an English speaking Japanese cooking lesson
on the 27th of September!
This is my favorite menu. Easy and delicious! It will be fun so don't miss out!
Autumn themed “Wa” table styling
Smoked Salmon Maze Sushi
Marinated fried Fall Vegetables
Fried Taro Simmered with Ground Beef
Octopus and Edamame with Plum sauce
Espresso Crème Brulee

I will show you how to make this gorgeous smoked salmon mazesuhi,
which is perfect for your party but easy enough for your family dinner.

Look at these lovely marinated fried vegetables!
So yummy and one of my family's favorite dishes.  
When I make this dish, my kids eat a lot of veggies!

These are two of the dishes from the September menu.  We will be making more dishes and it will be so much fun!  If you have been interested in making Japanese cuisine, then this will be the one lesson you should take to learn some of my favorite authentic family style Japanese cuisines.

Please contact me if you are interested in the lesson, or have any questions.

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