Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Matcha Rolled Cake with Strawberries

This is another fun recipe using my matcha sponge cake from my previous post Matcha Cake Parfait. I love the presentation when this cake is sliced neatly and served on its side, allowing the colors and contrast to really show. This dessert is light and fluffy and not overly sweet. Rolling the cake requires a little more effort but anyone can do it. Even if the roll does not come out perfect it will still look fine after a few hours resting in the fridge.
The pictures show both Japanese and Western styling in my photos. Which do you prefer?

Matcha Rolled Cake with Strawberries

·      1 matcha sponge cake (recipe: Matcha Cake Parfait)
·      rum syrup (recipe: Matcha Cake Parfait)
·      1 cop of sweetened whipped cream (hard peaks)
·      8 to 10 strawberries cut into small pieces

1.     Bake the matcha sponge cake. Follow recipe Matcha Cake Parfait using a 13x 9 inch backing sheet instead of brownie pan.

2.     While the cake is still hot, remove it from the pan with the parchment paper still attached and lay it on a cooling rack.

3.     Line the top with another sheet of parchment paper and flip the cake over. Peel off the original sheet of parchment paper but still use it to keep the cake covered.

4.     Now flip the cake back over again so the original side is up. Peel the parchment paper off the top. Then let the covered cake cool on the rack.

5.     Decide which looks better the top of bottom of cake; the best looking should be on the bottom. Cut the ends of the sponge cake at an angle so that it rolls well. Add 5 or 6 width-wise slits to the top of the cake to help it roll.

6.     Brush the rum syrup across the top of the cake. Spread sweetened whipped cream across the top and place the strawberries.

7.     Roll the cake tightly and push back the cream and strawberries that fall out the sides. When you finish rolling, wrap the cake with parchment paper and then tightly with plastic wrap. Put in the fridge for at least 1 hour but preferably overnight.

8.     Remove the plastic wrap and parchment paper, slice it neatly and serve.

Western style

Or Japanese style.

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