Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Arranging Japanese-styled Plate

I found some wonderful antique English plates at a local antique store. When I first saw these plates I thought that they would be perfect for my Japanese New Year’s celebration. The blue and white color combination reminds me of classic Japanese ceramics and the gold trim gives them an elegant touch. Every time I see these plates I think to myself, I don’t want to wait until New Years to use these. So I decided to use these plates to create a Japanese atmosphere plate for an everyday meal. I thought roast beef arranged Japanese style with a delicious Japanese influenced sauce and fresh greens would be perfect fit for my plates.

Well, what do you think? I would say mission accomplished! This plate has a Japanese atmosphere without being over the top. The key is the blue and white color on the plate, along with some red coloring from the decorative berries and the carved radish. Most of the decorative items such as the burlap ribbon, the pinecones, and the whole shell nuts are typical Western culture items so they are easy to find. The trick is to keep the colors simple and natural and they will all blend together. The crisp fresh watercress greens and decorative carved radish also add some Japanese influence to the plate. Of course you will need the recipe for my delicious Japanese style sauce, which I provided in the past. Pour the sauce to the side of the folded roast beef, so you can see the beautiful color of the mean. I think you will enjoy it.
Here is the link to my Japanese sauce recipe:Scallion and Ginger Sauce for Roast Beef

Have a wonderful holiday season!

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