Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Kyoto-Style Ozouni

“Ozouni” is the traditional Japanese mochi soup for New Year’s. As I mentioned in my previous post, there are many regional versions of “Ozouni” in Japan. This is the Kyoto-style version using white miso. The taste is sweet and creamy.
Here is the link for Tokyo-Style Ozouni. They both taste totally different. Try and see if you prefer one over the other!

Kyoto-style white miso

Kyoto-Style Ozouni
(serves 4 to 6)

·      1000cc of Kombu (Kelp) broth
·      6 to 8 tablespoons of good quality Kyoto-style white miso

·      4 inches of carrot
·      4 inches of Daikon radish
·      2 to 3 taro
·      some fresh mochi
·      some bonito flakes

1.     How to make Kombu (Kelp) broth: Wipe the Kombu (kelp) lightly with a wet cloth. Let the Kombu soak in water for few hours to overnight. Turn on the heat. Turn off the heat and remove the Kombu right before the water starts to boil.

2.     Slice carrots, Daikon radish, and taro thinly. In a pot, combine Kombu broth, carrots and Daikon radish and turn on the heat.

3.     Once the carrots and Daikon radish is cooked, add taro in the pot. Remove the grey scum when it starts to boil.

4.     Quickly rinse fresh mochi with water to remove potato starch and add them in the pot.

5.     While the mochi is cooking, melt white miso in the pot. Use a ladle and spoon to blend in little by little. Refer to the picture below.

6.     Remove from heat when the pot comes to boil. Serve in individual bowls.

7.     Sprinkle some bonito flakes on top.

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