Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Kitchen Storage: Utensils in Vintage Glass Jars

Do you have some kitchen storage tricks?
You might already know, I like to store my kitchen items in my line of site as I mentioned in my previous articles: My Favorite Kitchen Storage & Display Idea and Storage & Display Ideas: Arrange your favorites on a Rail.

Most of my daily-use kitchen utensils, such as long chopsticks, wooden or rubber spatulas, ladles, wooden spoons, etc. are stored in large glass jars right on the counter top next to my stove. This is very important because when I am in the middle of cooking I can’t spend extra time searching the drawers for them. Keeping them next to the stove and in plain sight allows me to grab and go quickly. Having them in a large glass jar also allows me to see my selection all at once and helps me to decide quickly which one to use.

I separate the wooden utensils, including long chopsticks, into one jar and the stainless and rubber utensils in another. It is a small point but storing them like this makes them look organized and easier to use. Whenever I buy a new utensil I consider if it will fit the look of my kitchen and if it matches my utensil jar. This helps keep my style consistent and helps me avoid buying items that will clash.

I experimented with differ jars and storage items before deciding on the combination of a large vintage jar and a water pitcher. I love this combination and the clean look it gives. The important point of “site-storage” is to keep it simple and keep the color and style consistent. These glass jars are simple so they fit well together even through they don’t “match”.

You can notice that I have many sets of long chopsticks in my jar. Probably long chopsticks are my most commonly used items. They are such a part of my cooking style that I keep a set at my parents-in-law’s house for when I cook there. I even use the long chopsticks to cook my scrambled eggs, you should give it a try.

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