Thursday, March 23, 2017

My Favorite Kitchen Storage & Display Ideas

The kitchen is the place where I spend most of my time during the day. That’s why I like to store everything in plain sight, so that I can easily spot and reach my favorite things.

The shelf in the corner of my kitchen, which my husband made for me, is where I store the spices and dried ingredients that I use most often. I like to arrange the spices and dry food in my own containers instead of using the store-bought ones. It might be a small thing but just doing this makes me happy to be in the kitchen. My current favorite for these containers are the glass jars made by WECK in Germany. I get pretty excited just by looking at them.

Since becoming pregnant with my first son, I have been filling my kitchen jars with Kombu (kelp) and dried sardines so that they are always ready to use for a natural soup stock. I cut the Konbu into three-inch pieces and I prepare the sardines by removing the heads and insides before storing them. This way, I can make soup stock whenever the feeling hits. A little bit of preparation speeds up everyday chores, and most importantly it makes them fun. Small jobs like these will put you on the path towards cooking with more love and filling your home with joy!

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