Thursday, December 10, 2015

Articles in the Washoku.Guide

As I mentioned the other day, I have been writing some articles for the
Washoku.Guide.  I would like to introduce my articles that you can see there now.

I have written about:

-The Perfect Family Dish: Three Color Soboro Don,
and just updated this article,

In the
Washoku.Guide articles I am typically talking about my Japanese influenced life in the USA.  Part of the fun of living in a mixed culture environment is finding ways to enjoy my Japanese food and culture in the USA. There are always challenges with limited supplies and sometimes we are required to substitute or find local options but once we do we are happy to share these finds with others.  This is the value of a site like the Washoku.Guide and I am very much pleased to be a part of this treasured resource. If you like Japanese food and are interested in Japanese culture, this is the site you should check!!  Washoku.Guide: Yoshiko Sullivan

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