Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Matcha White Chocolate Pudding

I am introducing an easy and delicious dessert. It doesn’t take long to make but we just have to wait for a bit for the pudding to form. It looks gorgeous when finished with whipped cream and decorated top. The bitterness in the matcha and the mild sweet taste of white chocolate make the two a perfect fit for each other. This is why you will often see them paired in desserts.

Matcha White Chocolate Pudding
(serves 6)

·      1 tablespoon of matcha tea powder
·      1 packet of gelatin (2 teaspoons)
·      4 tablespoons of water
·      1 cup of milk
·      1 cup of heavy cream
·      ¼ cup of granulated sugar
·      ½ cup of white chocolate chips
·      whipped cream
·      optional for decoration: Sweet beans such as amanatto or red bean paste

1.     Mix the gelatin powder with water in a small bowl.

2.     Mix matcha and granulated sugar in another small bowl.

3.     In a pot, warm up milk and melt white chocolate chips. Turn off the heat before the milk boils.

4.     Add heavy cream and mix well.

5.     Pour some warm milk mixture in the bowl with matcha and sugar. Mix well until the matcha and sugar become a paste.

6.     Add the matcha paste mixture into the pot with the milk mixture and stir well until blended.

7.     Add the gelatin to the pot and mix well, until melted.

8.     In an ice water bath, using a large bowl, place the pot with the pudding mixture so that it is partially submerged (don’t let the water go over the top of the pot), stir the pudding mixture well until it cools. Be careful not the splash any ice water into the pudding mixture.

9.     Pour the mixture into the serving cups and cool them in the fridge until the pudding hardens a bit.

10.  Decorate the top with whipped cream and sweet beans or red bean paste, if you desire.

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