Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bamboo Kitchen Collection

In Japan, we love to use bamboo for many things; even kitchen tools and utensils. Bamboo is such a great resource because of its many beneficial qualities. It is fast growing, very strong, flexible, and is natural anti-bacterial. If you like around my kitchen you will find many interesting bamboo items. I will show you some of my favorite bamboo items and hopefully inspire you to start your own bamboo collection too.

Of course the basics start with the long cooking chopsticks (a must have in every kitchen),

baskets, cutting boards, spatulas, and cooking spoons,

but you will be surprised to see some of the more clever uses like matcha tea whisk,

butter knives, daikon radish grinder,

dessert spoons and folks,

maki-su for sushi rolls,

sake cups and decanter,

steam baskets,

Lunch box,

and different sized strainers.

I will be introducing my favorite bamboo products along with recipes and examples of how we use them, so stay tuned…

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