Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Dried Horse Mackerel

Have you ever tried dried horse Mackerel? Despite the appearance, the taste is incredible. There’ more “umami” when you dry your own so try giving it a shot!

Dried Horse Mackerel

·      10 horse mackerels
·      about 100g of salt
·      1200cc of water

1.     Remove the scale from the horse mackerels. Cut the fish belly and gut it.

2.     Carefully cut the horse mackerels lengthwise from head to tail without cutting it all the way through.
3.     Break open from the belly to make it flat. Be careful not to cut the head off.
4.     In salted water or just water, clean out the blood and guts.

5.     In a bowl with salted water, soak the fishes for 25 to 30 minutes.

6.     Remove the horse mackerel from the salted water, pat dry with paper towel, put them in a net, and sun-dry for half a day. Preferably on a less humid sunny day.

7.     This is the view from the bottom.

8.     A picture after half a day.

9.     Grill your horse mackerel and serve. Before grilling you can saran wrap one by one and freeze if there are extra.

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