Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hamachi Carpaccio

If you are looking to pair something with white wine, here is a delicious appetizer. Hamachi has a rich flavor to it but this dish will make it refreshing. Try to use good quality salt and olive oil. This will be the key to a delicious carpaccio.
Here is a link for Maguro Carpaccio with Yuzu Pepper Sauce if anyone is interested.

Hamachi Carpaccio

·      Hamachi (sashimi grade yellowtail)
·      lemon
·      extra virgin olive oil
·      Himalayan pink salt
·      dill
·      watercress

1.     Thinly slice the Hamachi.
2.     Chop the dill finely.
3.     Lay the sliced Hamachi on a plate, sprinkle some pink salt and dill, squeeze lemon, pour olive oil and place some watercress on top. Serve.

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