Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Blueberry Wine

Every year, I always make sure to pick enough blueberries from the farm for this delicious blueberry wine. My husband and I enjoy it very much and we look forward to drinking it around this time of the season.

Blueberry Wine

·      750g of rock sugar
·      1500g of blueberries
·      2450ml of vodka

1.     Sanitize a jar with a small amount of vodka (outside of the amount listed above).
2.     Place blueberries and rock sugar in the jar.
3.     Pour vodka into the jar.
4.     Close the jar and let the wine ferment for a month. Remove and dispose the blueberries from the jar, close the jar again, and let the wine sit for another 2 months.
5.     Enjoy!

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