Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New England Steamers

Steamers are very popular in New England. And Yes! Steamers! You can make it at home! Steamer clams could be purchased at most major supermarkets. Adding this menu on your list for gatherings will be a great idea!

New England Steamers

·      2 pounds of steamer clams
·      water
·      beer
·      melted butter

1.     Rinse and soak the clams very well to remove the sand and grits inside. If you are in a hurry, stir the clams in water with your hand.

2.     Add a little bit of beer into a steaming pot with appropriate amount of water for steaming.

3.     Place the clams into the steamer.

4.     Cook until the clamshell opens. Do not throw away the clam broth left inside the pot.

5.     Serve the steamers on a plate with melted butter and clam broth on the side.

How to Eat

1.     Use your fingers to remove the shell by the siphon and pull off the black skin covering the siphon of the clam. Discard the shell and skin.

2.     Dunk in and rinse in the leftover soup from the pot to remove lingering sands.

3.     Dip in the melted butter and eat. And repeat!

4.     Here are pictures of how I serve steamers on a table.

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