Monday, October 10, 2016

Bagel with Smoked Salmon & Whipped Cream Cheese

This is a very delicious breakfast combo. The onions sharpness and the capers saltiness compliment the cream cheese and salmon so well. I use whipped cream cheese instead of regular cream cheese for a lighter finish. You could purchase whipped cream cheese at a store, but it is also possible to make. Recipe is included.

I personally prefer small sized bagels. I also save the leftover whipped cream cheese to spread it over my toast when I want a quick bite.

Bagel with Smoked Salmon & Whipped Cream Cheese

·      smoked salmon
·      caper
·      raw onions, sliced thin(soak in water for a minute and whip well with paper towel)
·      bagel
·      butter or margarine

Whipped Cream Cheese:
·      ½ box or 100g to 125 g of cream cheese
·      1 to 2 tablespoons milk

1.     Soften the cream cheese in room temperature or warm it up in a microwave. Watch out for the temperature if you are using the microwave. You do not want to heat up too much.

2.     Whisk the cream cheese.

3.     Once the cream cheese is smooth and creamy, add milk. Continue to whisk.

4.     Leave the whipped cream cheese aside.

5.     Cut the bagel in half and toast lightly. Spread butter or margarine over the bagels.
6.     Layer the bagel with whipped cream cheese, smoked salmon, onion slices, and caper.

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