Sunday, October 30, 2016

Japanese home cooking lesson at Haven’s Kitchen NYC

I enjoyed  introducing some  Japanese soul food “Okonomiyaki” and “Karaage (Fried chicken) in NYC last week.  Okonomiyaki  has become a popular dish around the world, and I was sure it would be a hit at Haven’s Kitchen.
The lesson started with making the dessert “Matcha agar jelly parfait”.  Agar is made from seaweed and is used to make the jelly.  It seemed that agar was an interesting ingredient for everyone to use.

Next  I showed how to make easy cucumber pickles and then fried chicken. There are many recipes for fried chicken in Japan.  I chose a delicious version that does not require us to marinate the chicken. I make this fried chicken often at home because it is quick to make and still delivers the taste I crave.

Finally it was Okonomiyaki time! After my demo, everyone prepared their own okonomiyaki batter and fillings in small groups.  Then they all cooked their own Okonomiyaki on the stove top. It was the most fun part of the class! Lots of smiles and laughter were had while making the Okonomiyaki.  I am sure everyone will make it again at their homes.


I had a wonderful  time teaching Japanese cooking  at Haven’s Kitchen this summer.  I taught 4 lesson sets and each was a great experience.  I can’t wait to be back in Spring for another set. I hope to see you all there!

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