Thursday, January 5, 2017

Store demo at WILLIAMS-SONOMA!

I have some exciting news I would like to share.
I will host the Japanese store demos at WILLIAMS-SONOMA in January!!  
WILLIAMS –SONOMA is featuring a Japanese floor set this month and I have been requested to present the Japanese cooking demos at the stores in Massachusetts and NYC.  I am honored and excited to host such a wonderful event.

The store demos in Massachusetts will be at the following locations and times:

Saturday, January 7th, WILLIAMS-SONOMA at Burlington Mall  12 PM to 14 PM
Sunday,  January 8th, WILLIAMS-SONOMA at Natick Mall  12 PM to 14 PM

Both demonstrations will be “How to make Maki Roll Sushi”.

YES, this weekend! I know it is short notice but please try to stop by the store and say hello to me! I am a little nervous but very excited!

The demos in NYC gives us a little more time to work with.  They will be at the following locations and times:
Saturday , January 21st, WILLIAMS-SONOMA at Columbus circle 2 PM to 4 PM
Sunday, January 22nd,  WILLIAMS-SONOMA at Madison Avenue 2 PM to 4 PM
These  demonstrations will also be “How to make Maki Roll Sushi”.

I am looking forward to meeting you all so please come out to see me!

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