Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Fluffy Omelet with Mushrooms, Herbs, and Cheese

Here is a simple omelet for your breakfast with sautéed mushrooms and herbs inside. If you have a hard time wrapping the eggs, just scramble it! For your reference, click on the link for Basic Scrambled Eggs.

Fluffy Omelet with Mushrooms, Herbs, and Cheese
(Serves 2)

·      8 to 10 mushrooms
·      1 teaspoon of chive, finely chopped
·      1 teaspoon of parsley, finely chopped

·      ⅛ teaspoon of salt
·      a pinch of pepper
·      1 tablespoon of butter
·      1 tablespoon of olive oil
<Egg Mix (1 serving) x2>
·      2 eggs

·      ⅛ teaspoon of salt

·      2 tablespoons of heavy cream
·      2 tablespoons of gruyere cheese, grated

·      1 tablespoon of butter
·      a pinch of chive and parsley

1.     Slice the mushrooms into 5mm thin.

2.     Heat up a frying pan with butter and olive oil. Sauté the mushrooms.
3.     Once the mushrooms wilt, add salt, pepper, chive, and parsley. Sauté lightly and turn off the heat. Put the mushrooms on a plate.

4.     Make one portion of the egg mix. Put eggs, salt, heavy cream, and gruyere cheese in a bowl. Mix well.
5.     Heat up the frying pan with butter. Pour the egg mix once the pan is hot enough to sizzle.

6.     Let the eggs rest for few seconds. Stir the eggs few times from the outside in a circle and work your way inwards to make it fluffy but flat.

7.     Once the eggs are halfway cooked, Place half portion of the mushrooms on the center of the eggs.

8.     Fold the eggs towards the mushrooms on both sides. Don't worry about covering all the mushrooms.

9.     Flip the omelet on a plate and sprinkle some chive and parsley on top. Serve with toast on the side.

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